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PoWeRlifting fundraising challenge – Revd Deborah

This year in 2021 I am setting myself a powerlifting challenge and need you to help me raise £1200. This will go to support the three churches of Hayling Island who continue to minister to the community but have suffered financially. The money will also be shared with the charities supported by the NHS Charities Together.

My challenge this year will be to powerlift across the three disciplines the total amount of 285 kg. This total weight would allow me to qualify to compete in the world championships.

Please support me (and my trainers Huw and Nic) with this challenge!


After studying for three years, Sue Moss was licensed as Reader on Saturday 14th November, 2020.  Sue has been worshiping at St Mary’s for over twenty years. As a server, Head Server and leader of ministry to families, she has enjoyed all aspects of church life.

Due to Covid Sue could not be licensed in the usual way at the Cathedral last year. Instead she and others were licensed over zoom.  Sue commented that while it was different it was still as wonderful and witnessed by family and community.   

‘I can’t begin to tell you the joy I felt within my heart on this day and ever since. I am aware it is a great privilege to serve you all and to be part of our wonderful team of ministers.  God had been calling me for some time.  This ministry is a gift he has given me, a gift I intend to use to spread the news of the joy and love of our Lord to all.’